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I love to code! I am an iOS developer. I also love to code in C and C++. I have coded quite a few pieces of software. The most notable of efforts is the one I'm working on right now.

It's a theoretical computer system built from the ground up! I built it using NAND chips. The inspiration came from a course called "Foundation of Computer systems." The goal of this course is to understand the computer system as a whole. In order to accomplish this, one has to start with elementary gates and add them together to form a basic computer. Then, one goes on to design an assembly language. Next, an assemmbler is written, then a VM and a compiler. Finally, one writes an OS on top of that stack.

I've finished the hardware implementation and am polishing up the assemlber, VM and the compiler for this machine!

There are a lot of other projects here, feel free to browse or fork!


I have created a assembler specified by the authors of "Foundation of Computer Systems."


I have created a compiler specified by the aforementioned system. Rightnow it is plagued with bugs however, and is hidden from the general public!


I am a hobbyist photographer pursuing it as a means of creative expression.



I am a young engineer that likes buliding and designing beautiful things. I strongly belive that "form ever follows function."

I am particularaly intereseted in understanding the fundamentals in order to improve a system.

I believe that cellular automata and chaos theory are the key to understanding nature!

My current obsessions are designing my own PC, down to the processor; and represent nature in code.