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I love to code! I am an iOS developer. I also love to code in C and C++. I have coded quite a few pieces of software. The most notable of efforts is the one I'm working on right now.

It's a theoretical computer system built from the ground up! I built it using NAND chips. The inspiration came from a course called "Foundation of Computer systems." The goal of this course is to understand the computer system as a whole. In order to accomplish this, one has to start with elementary gates and add them together to form a basic computer. Then, one goes on to design an assembly language. Next, an assemmbler is written, then a VM and a compiler. Finally, one writes an OS on top of that stack.

I've finished the hardware implementation and am polishing up the assemlber, VM and the compiler for this machine!

There are a lot of other projects here, feel free to browse or fork!


I have created a assembler specified by the authors of "Foundation of Computer Systems."


I have created a compiler specified by the aforementioned system. Rightnow it is plagued with bugs however, and is hidden from the general public!


I am a hobbyist photographer pursuing it as a means of creative expression. I live in the waterfront area so there's a lot of exciting things happening here. I

Variety of different interesting people can be found here and I try to capture the genuine spirit of the moment with my camera; however it is not trivial and I am far from being good.

As with any art form photography requires some unconcious habits. Good photogarphers can be in the same exact place as another person and yet capture the moment in a way that no one has considered before. This skill is what attarcts me to this art.



I am a young engineer that likes buliding and designing beautiful things. I strongly belive that "form ever follows function."

I am particularaly intereseted in understanding the fundamentals in order to improve a system.

I believe that cellular automata and chaos theory are the key to understanding nature!

My current obsessions are designing my own PC, down to the processor; and represent nature in code.